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It's been quite a while since I posted anything on my LJ, I never know what to post on here anymore. I always go around to other journals and talk to people there. XD

Of course as most people here know me everyone would be anime related in some way/shape/form. Whether it be talking and thanking a scanlating room, talking to a person who gives out walkthroughs for otome games, talking to fellow fans that love the same series I do, etc.

Life isn't all too much fun with all of the work college gives so I never really know what to post on here. Ha ha, sorry. ^^;;; I'll try to find some things to post about and talk more on LJ.

ANYWAYS, on to the matter of things.

So, I found Dekascanlation~ I think... the group was taken down a while back and it may have opened up again? Maybe? I swear that was the case. Since a few months ago when I checked nothing was there. I was reading Deka Wanko on ... I believe it was Mangareader, and I noticed on one of the informaiton pages that Dekascanlation was doing the scanlations.

Didn't know this at first since the informational pages were not added with the chapters until the later chapters. So, being the curious one that I was wanted to check out the page. Though it was no where to be found. I ended up finding the admin I think it was of the group and got information about why the group closed.

So now that it's up again, I would like to join the group and meet with others that love Deka Wanko. What was next. Ah, I found Deka Wanko becuase I was re-reading Gokusen for like... the thousandth time. I decided to look things up and noticed that Deka Wanko was another series by the same author. I looked up reviews for the series and it sounded like an interesting series. So I looked up the manga, read, found out the site for the scanlation group, found out it closed, and we already know the end of this.

So I found the group was up again today when I had a feeling I should check and here I am making a post. I think that's what I was told to do. Forgive me if I'm wrong... ha ha;;;
Hello everyone!

Merry Christmas!

I hope you're all having a good holiday break so far. :3 Bah, I hope your feeling better then how LJ is treating me. <.<

BAH, it wouldn't let me sign on to LJ the first 3 times. Saying something about how LJ couldn't connect to me or something.

I finally remember why I hate to come on. XD

Anyways Merry Christmas to all and have a great new year!~

I love you all!

I'm so lonely... Q-Q


And Tiffers, you weren't at school so I still have your card, shall I keep it until we come back from school?
This weekend is going to be really busy for most people. I hope that every has fun at the dance (If you are going at least). I'll probably be sitting at home dreading the SAT's tomorrow and I'll probably fail it tomorrow and then I'll just gorge on some comfort food. T^T

I'd like to thank the people who sent me carnations. I got some pretty ones this year and the notes were very cute. They made me very happy. I sent 21 carnations this year and I hope that you all enjoyed the carnations. I spent a lot of time and effort into all of those. :)

So I hope you all have a great three day weekeend!~
Alright, I know I haven't been on in...well who knows long.

I do apologize for not coming on all the time since I always forget or i'm always busy doing something else.

I'm taking the time to show that i'm not dead, and this is what this post is for.

Anyways, there is a point to this post here...

Anyone who goes to school with me knows of spirit week, yes?

Well, on thursday it's 'Tabloid Thursday' and I'm thinking of dressing up as someone.

We all know that Kim Heechul from Super Junior is pretty so I am going to try to dress up like him. If that fails, i'm just going to cosplay cause i'm cool like that and cheat. XD

I'm going to wear the red kimono thing that I wore...2 years ago for trick or treating, i'm going to put my hair up in a high pony tail. Heechul wore like a blue dress, but I don't care. Red looks better on me. XD

I added some other things on since I got bored and just put them on. XD I am debating whether or not i'll participate in spirit week on thursday. The kimono is pretty long and it's really thin so i'll freeze to death. >.<

I won't bore you with my talking anymore and move onto the pictures. ^^
(Be warned that the pictures aren't that high quality since I can't take pictures too well. T^T)

Picture 1 in my room

Kimono 2
Picture 2 in my bathroom


Alright so i'm sure that you're either thinking that I look horrible and you want to rip your eyes out, or to you it doesn't look that bad. If you're Cella you're probably thinking it's cute. I don't know i'm not Cella. I'm just guessing. :)

I'm debating whether or not I should come in on thursday wearing that. If you think I should please comment and say yes. If not, you can reccomend things to me or just tell me that I just shouldn't even bother with spirit week since it's a waste of time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance if you decide to help me out with this important decision of mine.


I would've used the LJ cut thing if it worked for me. We all know how technology challenged I am. XD Ha ha, I fail at life. XD
Well, usually i'm not a big fan of this day at all, but I decided to try to send some happy heart cheers anyways. Its a day full of chocolates. *stuffs mouth with more chocolate* Yummers. ^^

Well I hope you all have fun escaping from the evile cupid who just loves to taunt us all. XD
Well Happy New Years Everyone! <3

By the time I post this, it probably will be the new year. Just in time too! (i've been waiting for the last minute or so to grant everyone a happy new year)

WEll here it is! Happy New Years everyone! Jihye if you are reading this, happy birthday! You're 14!!!! WHOOTS! ^0^
OKIES, well... I don't know if it's my sickness or not, but I came up with some wierd idea for a one-shot a while ago, and I really wanted to try writing it. ^^ Its a Haru X Hibari fanfic. I know WIERD coupling, but I really wanted to try it out. >.< I know that I really need to update on my other story 'Aspiring New Generation or Concoction of Doom?', but I felt like adding another story to my collection if anyone is interested it is called 'Hibird the Yellow feathered Matchmaker!' I have the link below.

Hey guys! I loves you all. ^^ Well Merry Christmas everyone! And I wish you all a good New Years day as well! XD Kind of sucks that I was sick on Christmas eve...and on Christmas. I hope I get better by New years. ^^

Well I hope you all have a good winter holiday break! <3
Yes, yes, I know. It's llike 11:16 PM right now, but I was really busy. I had to clean up the whole house getting ready for my parents friends to come over. They have to boys. One is 9 and the other is 4. He is adorable. ^^

I had to babysit the whole time, and they left a while ago, and I had to clean up afterwards agian. Little boys can make a huge mess. So I finally got time to come onto LJ and wish you all a very VERY late thanksgiving. Everyone is probably sleeping by now huh?

WEll the things i'm thankful for?

1.) My friends and family
2.) The good health of everyone I hold dear
3.) I have like the bestests of friends at school
4.) School is doing great for me
5.) May be stupid, but I am happy for my laptop and the world of ANIME. XD

I guess that's it for now. bye bye!
Hey! It's a long weekend! Isn't that just fun and wonderful? ^^ I'm pretty much have nothing planned though, so I'll probably be at home all the time being bored to death. Alright, well I am kind of bored right now having pretty much nothing to do, so I am going to talk about some things.

1.) A video my sister decided to make of me.
2.) My awesome pen thing
3.) Some random pictures I drew with the pen thing

Onwards to the Rest of the Story!Collapse )